Gulgong is fortunate to have over 400 photographs taken in 1872 by Henry Beaufoy Merlin and his assitant Charles Bayliss during the height of the Gulgong gold rush.  They photographed all aspects of life on the gold field which have given Gulgong a unique 1872 view of the streets, buildings and the people.These photographs are part of the Holtermann Collection and are now UNESCO listed.  These photographs will be on permanent display in the Gulgong Holtermann Museum when it opens in the latter part of 2019.


Gulgong is a unique country town and was featured on the first $10 note in 1966.  With its local heritage buildings and narrow main street, Gulgong has classic photo opportunities and makes you feel that you are stepping back in time.  The town folk are friendly and the atmosphere is laid back.  Gulgong should be on your list of places to visit, whether a stay over for a day or two, or a stop off just passing through, you will be intrigued by our history.  A visit to at least one museum is a must and our restaurants are excellent too.  Don’t forget our association with Henry Lawson if you are interested in his works. The gold rush history is fascinating and a visit to our Gulgong Gold Experience for an introduction to our gold rush history is a fine way to start your Gulgong adventure.  This facility is very relaxed and you can try your hand at panning with one of their panning activities.  No promises you will find gold but you can have fun trying.