In 1872 two photographers Beaufoy Merlin and Charles Bayliss, commissioned by Berhardt Holterman,   set out to photograph  the towns of NWS  goldfields, Sydney and other locations.  On the death of Beaufoy Merlin the glass negatives were put aside by his family and forgotten, until found in the 1951 in a garden shed in Chatswood.   The glass negatives were unidentified but with the dedicated work of Keast Burke they  were identified and Gulgong was featured in the collection.  The collection is now know as the Holtlermann Collection and has been digitalised by the State Library of NSW.

    “More than ever, the Holtermann Collection is the most important visual record of goldfields life in Australia.  It is a remarkable testament to both the skill of photographers Beaufoy Merlin and Charles Bayless and the foresight of benefactor Bernahrdt Holtermann”.
     Alan Davis  - Curator of Photographs
    State Library NSW

Wesleyn Church-18107-38752

Gulgong B & B
    “The Old Wesleyan Chapel”
Photographed by Beaufoy Merlin and Charles Bayless in 1872
commissioned by

The story gets more interesting from here ..........

As you may well know Gulgong is known as the town on the $10 note.  Well that is because it was featured along with Henry Lawson on the original $10 note.  The interesting part is that the photos that were used on the bank note were all Holtermann photos.   Now here’s a thing ....... the two original buildings in Mayne Street, Gulgong,  namely the Greatest Wonder of the World and the American Tobacco Warehouse and Fancy Food Emporium, are still standing in Mayne Street and are in the process of being restored to house the  Holtermann Photographs and with the help of the NSW State Library these  pieces of history will be able to be showcased in our newest Museum to be known as the GULGONG HOLTERMANN MUSEUM

This project is a community project and has raised sufficient funds thus far to secure the building. However, the committee are working tirelessly to secure funds to complete the project so as to not lose these two historical buildings forever, as they are in very poor condition.  Their aim is to marry the buildings and photographs once again.  The object is to create an interactive museum  to be appreciated by visitors from ages 7 to 70.  With the digitalisation already completed by the NSW State Library and their assistance the committee hope to share this  interesting  history with future visitors to Gulgong.

Maybe you know of someone who would like to sponsor this project, if so why not visit Gulgong Holermann Museum’s  website to see how you can help

American Tobacco
Greatest Wonder -
Original $10 Note

“Commonwealth of Australia” $10 note  -  1966-1974
“Australia”  $10 note  -   1974-1993

 Henry Lawson
Home of Australis’s Greatest Bush Poet and Writer
1867 to 1922

Holtermann Collection of Photographs

Front Garden Spring


“The Old Wesleyan Chapel”

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